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Hey! I'm


aka 'Bookie0' on the internet



15 y/o designer & developer

Design Intern @Replit


I'm interested in anything about web design or UI/UX in general.

I also like playing ping-pong and piano (not at the same time).




Front-end development (HTML & CSS)

Accessibility & responsiveness

Case study & mockups

Feedback & bug testing


I'm currently designing or building some projects! Check them out!


an iMac displaying the iWater website with water drops on the side
Parodic website


Introducing iWater. Clean. Simple. And most of all, wet. A wonderful built-in display. A secure Touch ID. Up to 15 magnificent colors and 5 unique sizes. Supercharged by the revolutionary Apple W1 chip. Pairs beautifully with Apple Cup. All for the fantastic price of... $999! A parody of Apple's product pages: exaggerated, lots of big text, and of course overpriced! 🙃

2 iPhones flying showcasing the product page of Shoos
Interactive design


Inspired by Nike, this is an interactive e-commerce app. It has many pages and screens such as a landing page, gallery, reviews, filter, product page, cart, and so much more! It uses several well known shoes such as the Nike Adopt BB, Nike Air Force, Jordon Series ES, etc.

macbook air with screenshot of zen


A wellness site called “Zen”, for obvious reasons. With natural decorations and beautiful illustrations, this website shows all the cool features of a product. Has a landing page, about page, multiple feature pages, pricing page, testimonials page, footer, and so much more!

3 iPhones with screenshots of the website Urban


A website for a placeholder company, Urban! This site contains lots of sections like a landing, trusted by, services, testimonials, pricing, footer, and many, many more! It's also completely responsive and has cool images and transitional elements.

pro display XDR with screenshot of the website app product page

App Product Page

The product page of an app! A sort of template that you can use to showcase and present your app, with multiple pages/sections like landing, features, sign up, about us, and much more!

mac, iOhone, and iPad with screenshots of the website Good Pizza Great Pizza

Good Pizza Great Pizza

An interactive pizza restaurant website, based on a video game. Includes a home page, menu page, why us page, contact page, order page, and a footer!

several iphone 12s

iPhone 12

A sort of interactive iPhone 12 made in HTML, CSS, and some JS! Includes a lock screen, passcode, camera app, and home screen. Is as realistic and looks virtually the same as the actual iPhone.

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